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Baby blanket

Cover me!

Very interesting design, for anyone looking for something really special to give their baby or to give as a special gift. A blanket for the crib, bed or to bring along when you’re on the road. You can also use this blanket to change your baby when you’re outside.
The smaller version of 70x100 cm can be used for babies until about 1 year old.

There are two combinations of material; one has 100% cotton outer and the other has one side that is of 100% cotton, the other side is made of cotton fleece, a really soft and warm material. Both combinations are filled with fiberfill.

70x100 cm and 100x140 cm

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Cena: 1. 390,00 RSD
Patchwork blanket 70x100 cm 100% fleece
1. 390,00 RSD

Patchwork blanket pink 100x140 cm 100% cotton
2. 490,00 RSD

Blanket light blue 100% cotton

1. 390,00 RSD

Blanket velvet 70x100 cm
1. 390,00 RSD