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Baby wrap


Tug me in!

Absolutely necessary in your babies wardrobe. Excellent way to keep your baby warm; the wrap is designed in a way that the baby is completely surrounded by it. No more sliding of blankets and cold little feet.

You can use this wrap to take your newborn home from the hospital and in the stroller in stead of a blanket and/or jacket.

When you enter into a warmer area (for example after taking a walk going inside) you do not have to wake your baby to take off some clothes but you just open the front of the wrap and the baby will be comfortable.

• Simple wrapping with Velcro straps
• No longer necessary to keep taking of and putting on
jackets all the time
• The hood provides extra comfort and helps keep your baby
• Can be used in car seat
• Can be used for newborns and up to approximately 9 months
• Dimension 70x40cm when closed
• 100% cotton

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Cena: 1. 990,00 RSD
Wrap bordeaux / olive
1. 990,00 RSD

Wrap olive / beige
1. 990,00 RSD

Wrap blue / pink
1. 990,00 RSD

Wrap bordeaux / grey accent
1. 990,00 RSD

Wrap bordeaux / beige
1. 990,00 RSD